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Complimentary Drawback Review - Duty Drawback Services


Unhappy with your current drawback program?

DHL Drawback will conduct a thorough review of your current drawback program free of charge.

Our detailed analysis will reveal any untapped drawback potential under current regulations, as well as potential opportunities under the new drawback legislation. Contact us now for more information.

New to drawback?

We can calculate a rough estimate of your drawback potential using the chart below. This basic exercise operates on the assumption that you are the importer of record. If you are not and your supplier is unwilling to share their costs, we can enter into a confidentiality agreement with them and act as an intermediary.





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Duty Drawback Services


Drawback refers to the refund of duties paid on imported merchandise when the merchandise is subsequently exported, either in an “unused” state or after undergoing a manufacturing process.

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