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From our founding as Gulf Coast Drawback Services in 1988, through our growth years as Danzas AEI Drawback Services, DHL Drawback has been at the forefront of U.S. duty, import, and environmental tax recoveries.

We are active in drawback recoveries for aerospace, electronics, plastics and chemicals, titanium, pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, industrial products, heavy machinery, healthcare and consumer products, and many more.

For more than 30 years DHL Drawback has been a leader in:

  • 2nd and 3rd generation downstream drawback recoveries for plastics & chemical exporters, utilizing imported oil refinery feedstocks
  • Superfund Tax Recoveries for downstream chemical exporters
  • 1313(p) legislation and drawback filing application
  • Harbor Maintenance Fee and Merchandise Processing Fee legislation and drawback filing application for unused drawback recoveries
  • Expansion of drawback for the aerospace industry and its underlying titanium infrastructure
  • Established procedure for management of USMCA exports and drawback recovery

DHL Drawback will continue to lead the way with all drawback legislation changes and enhancements.

We aggressively pursue all lawful recoveries for our customers, while maintaining a 99+% compliance level of liquidation allowance under audit.


We aggressively pursue all lawful recoveries for our customers, while maintain an exceedingly high level of compliance at 99.94% liquidation allowance under audit.

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Duty Drawback Services


Drawback refers to the refund of duties paid on imported merchandise when the merchandise is subsequently exported, either in an “unused” state or after undergoing a manufacturing process.

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